My name is Pieter Broertjes (The Netherlands, born at Boskoop, 1951)

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As a kid I soon became fond of drawing and painting. And it kept that way. At the age of 15 I discovered the features of oil paint. It was fascinating and from then on I always liked the beautifulness of this wonderful paint. I focused mainly on landscapes and seascapes. The Netherlands weather is rather rainy, windy and cold, however when possible, I painted “en plein air”. On vacation I carried my small paint kit, wherever we went. The results started to get more professional. I started to tryout preparing my own panels, mixing my own glue, gesso and imprimatura. As an example, in 1983 I painted the landscape of Wales UK; oil paint impasto, on panel, size 37 x 59 inch (W x H).

Due to a busy career, as a technical sales engineer of high quality environmental analysers, it was impossible to combine the job and family life activities with the oil painting hobby.

In 2016 I retired and picked up my oil painting hobby. During the first years I learned so much more. I encountered many problems and step-by-step learned some tricks and treats. I made pictures and wrote it all down. End 2016 I thought it was a good idea to share the information via a website. Spring 2017 the website was about ready, over 150 pages and posts. What about that …

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that I feel that my knowledge about oil painting is that superior or whatever. I am and autodidact and had never an art education. My technical background and know how and skills of electronics, physics, optical and scientific stuff is sometimes a help. However, most of the time, it works against me. I had to learn to follow my feelings, my mood, express myself and let it go.

I apologize that the majority of posts on this website are written in the Dutch language. However, I hope you will be happy with the 12 mood boards where you might like to see the hundreds of landscape and seashore photo’s. I also hope you’ll like my work that is displayed on the portfolio pages. Its up to you to judge if my work belongs to amateurism or art. Its okay with me, as long as I can paint I am happy. 🙂

And for sure, If you write me an email, I will most seriously try to reply and add applicable information. Contact

Again thanks for visiting my site.

Greetings from The Netherlands.

Pieter Broertjes (friends call me – Piet)

Pieter Broertjes, Oosterhout, 1951. Schilderen met Olieverf. Verkoop van olieschilderijen met als thema Natuur in Nederland, wadden, slufter, slenk, zeegezichten, water, luchten, wolken, zonsondergang en weerspiegelingen. Ik schilder ook portretten.