Golden sunbeam light with oil paint and the stippling technique

Recently I made an oil painting where I tried to show how the sunbeams showed up after a rainy and cloudy day. I used the stippling technique on a bright yellow imprimatura. Next morning this painting was lightened up by the bright light that entered via my ateliers window. I was flabbergasted …. the paint was showing a great gloss … just like gold. I’d like to share with you a few pictures and the description.

I make my own panels. In this case panel size of 90x60cm’s. I start with ply wood, treated with two layers of acrylate paint, sanded. Next layer is a water based primer. Then I used two layers of gesso, white, Talens 1001. In between a lot of sanding. The panel surface now is super smooth. Then the real thin took place. I painted an imprimatura, super yellow via oil paint Rembrandt cadmium yellow medium with medium liquin standard. At least that layer is dry after 48 hours. 🙂 From then on I used oil paint with oil based medium from Talens, quick drying. I made a mix of several grey’s, worm and cool using ceruleum and indigo blue with vermilion orange. I used zinc white to create some different tones. In a corner of the pallet I kept some Indian yellow (W&N artist). Then I painted with a flat brush the clouds. I used quit some medium. On this smooth panel, even the opaque grays do not cover completely, so you will still see a lot of yellow. Then I used a normal circular hobby brush, dry. I used the stippling technique to fade clouds and brush strokes. Now and then I added some Indian Yellow, dry mass paint. It was intended to be the first layer and more layers should follow after drying. However, I was so happy with the end result that I never changed it afterwards. Hope you appreciate that I share this.

Tamponeren met olieverf geeft mooie sprankelende effecten