The photo’s on these mood boards are typical Dutch views (a few exceptions). The Dutch sky light is unique. It makes a difference when you approach the coast. The salinity of the air filters and reflects the light spectrum in a special way. These Dutch clouds, landscapes, seashores …. its so nice. I recommend to get out at stormy, cloudy and rainy days. Or in Wintertime, when the shadows are long and the light is sharp and cool. The views are fantastic. I always carry a good camera with me. Most of the photo’s on the mood boards are from my hands. But these photo’s do not show the real thing. In real life nature acts like one big theater. I feel a strong drive to paint this wonderful nature, the waves, the water, the tide, sand, dunes, harbours and so on. I try to express my feelings via oil paint on canvas.  These views are deeply “anchored” into my soul. I hope you appreciate surfing on my site.