I did not know I could do this. I made a painting just by thinking of a nice view. It all happened in a split second, driving from the highway to Amsterdam. That single view seems to made such an impression to me, that I could recall it in detail while trying to paint it. And remarkably enough, it was not even my intention to copy&paste this view. I just tried to paint the atmosphere, the sky, clouds. An I tried out new techniques like grisaille, paint dripping and glazing. But now, when we pass this highway spot once more, I am surprised how much of that landscape has been painted.

This painting is based on a split second recall of a view to the wetlands north of Vinkeveen and close to Abcoude. In December we where driving on the A2-highway, on our way to Amsterdam. It was late afternoon, already getting pretty dark. Now and then we passed a ditch, lighting up clearly in contrast to the dark colourless landscape. Suddenly, at the horizon, it cleared up and the silhouette of a church was in high contrast to the super bright sky. This split second view was that intense that I could recall it month later. When I shut my eyes I can supercharge this recall. I made this painting using the grisaille and glazing technique with oil paint. I used quit some medium and the paint was dripping all over the canvas. Now and then turned the canvas left, right and up site down to control the dripping patterns. I hope you like it.

I learned now that I should trust on my memory. Close my eyes and recall a special view. Trust on my memory and just paint it. Go with the flow.