Portrait painters be aware,

If you are asked to paint a portrait based on personal photo’s then particularly care must be taken. Now a days making selfie’s is getting that common that people do not even recognise that their face shows up in a strange way. It’s a result of distortion created from distance and camera angle. The closer an object is to the camera, the larger it seems. Secondly the perspective is an issue. You’ll only see ears partly, cheekbones are in front.

And if the portrait painter is ready with the painting, the comment of the new owner will be: “Yes for sure this person is a sort of look-a-like, however, something seems to be wrong. But I can’t see what”. Its just not right”.

All your good work for nothing.

So my advise is: Take good reference photo’s yourself. Use a 100 or 150 mm lens and a professional camera. Take a distance from camera to person of at least several meters.

Good luck with it.