You won’t believe what you see

During the summer period we are sailing a lot. We own a dufour 30 feet sailing yacht and make wonderful sailing tours. A lot of The Netherlands is wetland. Via canals, big lakes and sea you can sail almost to everywhere. Just take a look on the map. Haringvliet, Hollands Diep, Grevelingen, East-Schelde West-Schelde Markermeer, IJselmeer, Waddenzee and Northsea. And it’s never the same. The clouds, the colours of the sunset, the wind, the waves, the tide, thousands of birds, beautiful old cities with nice harbors, the old style big sailing ships (brown fleet). A journey on Dutch waters is a never ending wonderful movie.

The Netherlands are well known of our Dutch clouds and skies, landscapes and seascapes. They are a big source of inspiration, also to me. And if its getting to cold to sail then we go hiking. And for sure, most of the time we end up somewhere close to a river, a lake, a dam, the dunes or the beach.

The Dutch light can be unique and create somehow a different atmosphere. Its brighter due to its salinity. You will experience it when you get closer to the sea. I always carry my camera with me. I just feel I have to take pictures. On this website a few hundreds of them are published. See mood boards

And you’ll experience the nicest views when the weather is bad, when its stormy with big dark rainy clouds and when the shadows are long. Early in the morning at dawn or near sunset, that are the moment to go out. Just look and observe. That’s all you have to do. This is what hits me, this is why I feel being a Dutchman. In my seascape and landscape painting I try to express these special moments, that special light.

I hope you enjoy it by surfing this website.

Thanks for visiting.

Greetings, Pieter