Recently I painted my first Torso. Apart from some portraits, I’ve never painted any skin tones before. So it was new and a kind of exiting. I used oil paint on a plywood panel, size 90 * 60 cm. As ground I used stretched canvas (cotton / marouflage), treated twice with animal glue + three times with gesso (animal glue, chalk and pigment based) + twice with an animal glue based imprimatura (ercolano orange). I started with drawing the figure and then I painted the grisaille using burnt umber and burnt sienna. Then I painted the first layer using zinc white and some transparent paint colors and tones. Even after the blending process, the contrast was quite high. After it dried (6 days) I painted the second layer. Once more I took my time by blending the paint colors. This time the layer was really thin. Although I did not use a lot of medium the effect if it was almost like glazing. And yes, what I aimed really happened. The first layer is showing up through the second layer. Amazing. Its like you can see the purples, reds, blues … My home made medium did the rest. I am happy with this result so far and already started the next painting. This time with feet, hands, head … and a mirror … so all of it.